Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We pray to His Almighty Shiva & Uma to bestow their blessings on our people to be relieved of the sufferings which they are going through..!!!

Let the past be left behind, and the future be bright - ACHC

"Let the past be left behind, and the future be bright; with that belief and in that hope, we welcome the New Year," the All Ceylon Hindu Congress said in its New Year message.

The message continues:

"Everybody’s prayer is that a bright future should dawn with the New Year. The Tamil people should live in peace and with self respect and freedom. The atmosphere for that should be created and that should remain forever.

"All Ceylon Hindu Congress (a Federation of Hindu Religious Associations and Trusts in Sri Lanka) has been rendering whatever assistance it could to our brothers and sisters during the period of turmoil which prevailed in the last three decades. At the same time we were never reluctant to intercede on their behalf.

"When our people were internally displaced and had to face untold hardships during the last few months, we have been helping them in various ways.

"When those internally displaced undergraduate students moved to the North and East we have been helping them to establish themselves with financial assistance. We must mention with gratitude and assistance of London Shri Kanaga Thurkai Amman Temple and the Manitha Neyam Trust which enabled us to perform this noble task.

"All those Hindus who had been assisting us in our humanitarian and social projects in helping our brothers and sisters who were affected in many ways, should continue to extend the same assistance and cooperation to our Congress. While we thank all of them we pray for His Almighty’s blessings on them.

"We pray to His Almighty Sivakami Samedha Nadaraja Peruman to bestow His blessings on our people to be relieved of the suffering which they had been going through and to have a bright future with the dawn of the New Year.


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