Saturday, October 25, 2008


Our people must be ensured freedom to live in their motherland - ACHC General Secretary of All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC) Kandiah Neelakandan in his Deepavali Message said "Let us wipe the tears in the eyes of our brothers and sisters. There cannot be any doubt that a military solution is not the answer to the present crisis and therefore we urge everyone concerned to speedily find a political solution to satisfy the aspirations of the Tamil speaking people".

"We feel that the Government is morally responsible for the safety and well being of every citizen in this country".

"We are constrained to bring to the attention of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Government that the situation has worsened. Tamil speaking people, most of whom are Hindus, are now perturbed because of utterances made by certain extremists as to whether there are moves to annihilate the Tamil community in Sri Lanka .The situation has been causing anxiety. Innocent Tamils have become victims of various circumstances for which they are not personally responsible", he said.

Deepavali is an important day in the calendar of the Hindus who are expected to celebrate this festival of lights, praying to His Almighty for dispelling the darkness in their lives and bestow on them the Divine light for betterment and a prosperous future, he said in his message.

"We pray to His Almighty Sivakami Samedha Nadaraja Peruman for salvation for our people.

"We are relieved to hear that India has expressed concern India’s reaction should be welcomed in good sprit and in the correct perspective . The greatest need of the hour is to grant relief to those who have become refugees in their own country and who are in a pathetic plight.""We appeal to the international community to encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to cease military action and to engage in finding a political solution without delay. On behalf of the Hindus ,we earnestly request and urge everyone to recognize the fundamental rights of our people and that would be the prayer of all the Hindus in this country on this Deepavali Day", Neelakandan said."We request all Hindus to observe Deepavali Day as a day of prayers and not to engage in meaningless celebratory activities. If any Hindu can afford to spend money, it should be channeled for the rehabilitation and relief of the several thousands who are suffering as it is our duty to wipe the tears in their eyes", he noted."No history of any country or nationality can easily be changed or altered. Our people strongly feel that they must be ensured the freedom to live in their motherland. So "Let us wipe the tears in the eyes of our brothers and sisters".


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